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Wondering how Hustle & Grind or hundreds of other accounts built their following to thousands of people?

Are you looking to do the same or figure out how to improve the one you’ve got?

Why Instagram Is A Great Opportunity

Most brands are still not looking at Instagram as a channel to drive meaningful results. I've sat in boardrooms with executives all over the world and they've clearly stated that they don't think Instagram is a channel where you can see ROI. 

Here's a look at some of our recent engagement metrics:

1.15% Engagement Rate
43% Total Email Subscriptions Come From Instagram
28% Of All Web Traffic Direct From Instagram
1,400+ New Followers Each Month (Organic)

Your Instagram account is an extension of your brand. It’s a channel that your competition is still sleeping on or one that they've been able to understand and crack the code.

This training program is a combination of walkthroughs, video presentations, hands on participation, and an open platform where you can talk to other students.

What We Cover In This Course...

Getting Started: We're going to show you how to lay the foundation of a quality Instagram account. 

Psychology Of Content: It's hard to create an account that people love without knowing what type of content people are most likely to engage with. We share psychological insights surrounding the types of content people crave and you should be developing.

Instagram Growth: Want to take your account to the next level? You have to know how to grow. In this course, we're going to show you some of the best strategies and tactics to do exactly that.

Relationship Marketing: Like business, Instagram success also comes down to your ability to build and nurture quality relationships. Whether it's with influencers or followers - relationships are key.

Conversion Tactics: Wondering how to make money through Instagram? We'll show you how.

Instagram Analytics: Instagram isn't just about Likes and Comments - In this guide, we share some tools that will help you better understand your audience and what's going on with your account.

This Instagram course is for you if:

  • You're tired of having mediocre results on Instagram
  • You're not looking to spend the next 3 months learning
  • You're hungry for results to happen within weeks

What's In This Instagram Course?

Lesson One: Setting Up Your Account Right
From a sick bio to consistent visuals, learn to nail the fundamentals of the GAME!

Lesson Two: Managing Your Instagram Account Like a Boss
From analytics to content management learn to take it to the next level while focusing on time management.

Lesson Three: Understanding The Different Types Of Instagram Content
What can a cookie teach you about content? No clickbait here, it can teach you a lot and you probably won't be that suprised by how awesome OREO is!

Lesson Four: Get Inside Of Your Audience's Head: The Psychology Of Content
Why do we share, like, and react to content? What are the factors that we as people connect with and how to you marry those things into your branding?! Relax, it really isn't that complicated.  

Lesson Five: Makers Gonna Make: Content Creation For Instagram
How do you make your images? This is a question we get all the time and now we have broken down your options and given you the secret sauce to our consistent visuals. 

Lesson Six: Copywriting On Instagram? You Better Believe It
A picture is worth 1000 words but that doesn't mean you should ignore the 2200 characters you can have in the caption. Learn to leverage the written word to make a deeper connection.

Lesson Seven: Leveraging Calls To Action & Connections To Grow
Learn how to craft Calls To Action, powerful short asks used to drive a followers action! Learn to use them to create engagement and growth.


Videos, worksheets, discussion groups and more updates coming!

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Let's Take Your Instagram Account
​To The Next Level 

The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Course, $149

  • 14 written and video format lessons on Instagram marketing and growth
  • Loads of bonuses, examples, extras and resources about Instagram marketing
  • Membership to an exclusive discussion group
  • Instagram shout out for shout out scripts and strategies

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